Logo depicting John Brown with a red and black anarchist background and the text 'Truckee Meadows John Brown Gun Club'

Truckee Meadows John Brown Gun Club

Food Not Bombs

Sharing hot meals because food is a right, not a privilege. People need to eat.

Image: Purple hand holding a carrot known as the Food Not Bombs logo

Truckee Meadows John Brown Gun Club aims to act in solidarity to redistribute food and clothing in our community by working with the local Food Not Bombs project. Food Not Bombs is an anarchist mutual aid project in which community members engage in direct action to address disparities in access to quality food and clothing.

Food Not Bombs illustrates that direct action can be a viable alternative to reliance on charities and non-profits, which reinforce the capitalist system through reproduction of the hierarchies, exploitation of laborers, and oppressive structures of that system.

All are welcome to redistrubute food and clothing with us (unless you're a cop). If you would like to participate in the Food Not Bombs project, just show up and introduce yourself.

Washoe Food Not Bombs serves food every Saturday morning at 10am, until supplies run out, near the basketball courts at Barbara Bennett Park (and adjacent areas) in downtown Reno, NV.Our costs for participating with the Food Not Bombs project is all out of pocket so if you're feeling generous, feel free to donate to our mutual aid project so we can provide food and water and, during the cold winter months, warm clothing.

For questions, or to get involved, please contact us or contact Food Not Bombs directly: